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Photo Gallery

Saint Bernards litters now as adults Saint Bernards litters now as adults Merle 105445175 Murphy 105445176 Annabelle 105445177 Drama and friends 105445178 San Pierre 105445179 Drama 105445180 Annabelle and Zoey 105445181 Vegas, Gertie, Valcore and Sasha 105445786 Boston 105521753 Boston 105522605 Drama 105708888 Alaska 106062636 Pierre 107039687 Guinness 107791619 Erica and Gertie(the saint) Their first 4-H dog show 109167861 109185507 Hobbes 110247665 Cash 134316853 Cash & June Cash and June taking a well deserved nap after a day of playing in the yard! 134317553 Lindsey and Cujo 136453008